I sprained my ankle 3 days ago, I can walk with some pain. There is some swelling and bruising also foot feels cold and tingeley. Do I need 2 c a doc?

Sprain. Elevate the ankle and ice the ankle from time to time. An ankle brace would help. Do some seated range of motion exercises such as clockwise and counterclockwise circles with the toes a couple of times a day. If pain persists, see a doctor.
Have it evaluated. Tingling or numbness may be a sign of nerve damage or compression. Have it evaluated by a professional.
It is a good idea. To go to the doctor and have him takes an x-ray on it and to be sure no other problem there especially you’re young. I have seen people how have high tolerance for pain they could have fractured and walk on it. Good luck.

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I believe I sprained my ankle 8 weeks ago and it still hurts. I can walk on it now but not when it happened. No bruising some swelling. Have it CKD out?

Get it checked out. While it sounds like you are progressing, you might want to have it looked at. Sometimes bracing, activity restrictions and/or physical therapy are necessary. The persistent swelling might indicate you still have some healing to do. Good luck! Read more...