31 m - Is a bronchoscopy / chest Ct scan with contrast and Vq scan good enough to rule out lung cancer or lung problems?

Lung eval. That is a very through evaluation and should be sufficient . You could see masses, tumors, emphysema, frbrrosis, note if abnormal cells, tell if there are emboli. Adding pulmonary function testing (PFTs) would assess the function i.e. tell if you have asthma . f/u/ w/ doc.
Lung problem. Ct scan can rule out lung cancer. VQ scan only evaluate for pulmonary embolism. Bronchoscopy evaluates for lung infection and certain intrabronchial lung cancer, but it cannot completely rule out lung cancer. One can still have lung problem (e.g Asthma) with all above test being normal.
That is a fairly. comprehensive work up and would likely be sufficient for most issues. Pulmonary Function Tests(PFTs) would be useful to evaluate for obstructive airway disease if that is a consideration.
Lung cancer. A chest ct scan is usually adequate to screen for lung cancer. VQ scan is used to check for blood clots in the lung. Bronchoscopy is done to obtain and study lung secretions mainly for infectious disease but also to look for malignant cells when malignancy is suspected after other studies have shown a lesion. Lung disorders like emphysema, asthma, pulmonary hypertension are diagnosed by other mean.