Short of breath elevated d dimer. Emerge is sending me home with a shot of heparin and ct in the am. Isn't a clot in lungs life threatening? Scared

Blood clots. It sounds like you have a complex set of issues and have already had some evaluation. For personal attention to a medical concern, consider a 2nd opinion "inbox consult" with a doctor on HealthTap; it allows you to message back/forth like email when a lot of information needs to be exchanged (like prior test reports, lab results.) Blood clots are indeed serious and easy to miss. .

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In hospital 4 same symptoms I have now. Chest/backpain, severe anxiety, little short of breath. Chest ct/d dimer negative home 4 2days clot or anxiety?

Sounds panic attacks. Anxiety or panic attacks present in the same dramatic way and are recurrent. But since so many other heart problems like heart attack which require immediate help, work up and treatment doctors don't take chances and treat you hence. Do talk to your physician and ask for a psychiatric consult. Read more...