If I use Clear Eyes redness relief eye drops, can I put my contacts back in after putting the drops in?

Not a good idea. The drops that are entitled "gets the red out" are drying. Your best bet is to abandon these and use lubricating or tear replacement drops. These will enhance the tear pool which is a good support for your contact lenses. Use gets the red out drops only for those infrequent times when you might do something like having a picture taken.

Related Questions

Can clear eyes (maximum redness relief) be used even with contact lenses on?

No. No medication eye drops should be used with the contact on because they act like a sponge absorbing the medication. I also discourage the use of any "get the red out" drops as they may lead to chronic redness. A simple artificial tear is better. Read more...

Could clear eyes (maximum redness relief) be used if wearing contact lenses?

No. The only drops that can be used with contact lenses in place are rewetting drops for contact lens use. If you have red eyes, you should not wear your contacts anyway until the redness is resolved. Read more...