Iron saturation= 10.5%. No anemia. Dr. told me to take over counter iron supplements, freq. Unspecified. Is 1 a wk good to not get overload? Thanks

Monitor Ferr.when Rx.
Iron deficiency may be severe despite a normal hemoglobin and full blood count. Symptoms which may be prolonged and debilitating, should raise a clinical suspicion on iron deficiency . Ferritin concentration (cut off <30 ?g/L) is the most sensitive and specific test of iron deficiency. Iron should be administrated much longer, on average 6–12 mths.with sustained target of Ferritin> than 100ug/L.
No. If you are having periods, you are losing iron each month and iron deficiency is not uncommon in women during their reproductive years. You should follow your doctor's prescription and take at least 120 mg of iron per day. Take the pill with meals and if constipation is an issue, take a fiber laxative. You may consult this site for info: