Protein in 24 hour urine is 490 mg per day what does it indicate?

Protein in the urine. It can be a indication of early kidney disease . Glomerulonephritis , kidney disease from diabetics are the common culprits. Please see your doctor for further investigation .
Need a workup. First, get checked for orthostatic proteinuria, a non-problem. A few percent of folks have protein in the urine just from standing. Empty your bladder before going to bed, and check your urine on first arising. If there's no protein, this is orthostatic proteinuria. If not, you're going to get a workup for early renal disease. Best wishes.
Proteinuria. Can be due to a variety of things and you will need to see a doctor. Here is some general advice on causes but you will need to be properly checked by your doctor.