Should I be worried about the kinds of fruits and vegetables I eat because I have hay fever, oral allergy syndrome, and cholinergic urticaria?

Easy does it. Hay fever And cholinergic urticaria aren't about food. Your oral allergy syndrome is a minor nuisance. If a particular food sets it off, avoid it but unnecessary restrictions will complicate your life and make it hard to be a good guest.

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Does cholinergic urticaria increase risk of anaphylaxis from oral allergy syndrome and exercise (with and without ingesting OAS causing fruits)?

Different mechanisms. Cholinergic urticaria is different from oral allergy syndrome or exercise induced anaphylaxis. At any rate, if anybody has any of these conditions, using antihistamines and keeping an Epipen (epinephrine) handy is a wise thing to do. Have an evaluation by an allergist for better control, best wishes. Read more...