My 3.5 years old child has soar throat. I don't want to give him antibiotic. What can we do? Thanks

Good idea if no need. If ur kid has a stuffy nose & respiratory virus producing a sore throat, then no abx should be needed or given.If his problem is strep a, u have 10 days to treat it before he could be set up for lifelong pbs of rheumatic heart disease.The kidney disease related to strep doesn't give u that long.When you go in have a strep test done.& treat only if positive.
See a Pediatrician! Though antibiotics aren't needed for respiratory viral infections, a child with a sore throat may need immediate antibiotic therapy for bacterial infections involving s. Pyogenes (group a strept, or gas); the consequences of untreated gas infections can be devastating. Additionally, a pediatrician can assess for other things such as a foreign body obstruction or retropharyngeal abscess.
Strep test. You should bring your child to the doctor for a strep test. Many things cause sore throat, but you need a test to know if it's caused by strep. Strep thoat must be treated with antibiotic; there is no alternative, and it's not a matter of preference. Without an antibiotic, your child can get rheumatic fever, which can damage the heart, permanently. If it's not strep, no antibiotic.