36 year old male with a 2 CM echogenic focus in the liver on routine abdominal ultrasound. What does it mean and should I be worried?

Several things . Hyperechoic means its more dense and hypoechoic is less dense. Each could mean different possibilities. The radiologists report should indicate these possibilities and recommended other tests such as ct or mri. Do as the report suggests. Possibilities don't have to be bad, such as cysts or hemangioma. But if there is concern for a mass further test and biopsy may be needed.
Need more tests. Often hard to tell exactly what things are on sono, a good screening exam. Ct or MRI can give additional very useful info. 2 CM is sizable (almost an inch) and needs to be evaluated. It may truly be a cyst, clump of blood vessels (hemangioma), or tumor (benign or malignant). History of hepatitis, meds, other drugs, occupational exposure, etc. All play a role.