My father's ECG is normal. But when I checked his heart rate through Apple watch, sometimes for 5 mins. His heart rate is 33-40 when sleeping. Normal?

It depends. The heart rate tends to get slower as one gets older. This especially occurs at sleep. It also is slow in even younger people who exercise such as running. An EKG should be done to confirm that it is just sinus bradycardia which could be normal. If he is otherwise well, it probably is not a problem. Does he have a doctor. If there were a question some times we have a patient wear a monitor.

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My father's heart rate is more than 70 but ECG report is showing some blockage even after 8 days of AVR Surgery. Does it still require pacemaker?

Blockages. It will depend on which blockage are found on EKG . Sometimes , after surgery some patients develop bundle branch blockages that might be considered normal but if they develop high grade blockages pacemaker might be needed. Read more...

In the ECG report of my father the heart rate is 65 per minutes?

So? that is not abnormal, but it depends why the ECG wad done and on a host of other factors. Read more...