I have two bumps, one on each sideburn next to the ear. They fill with puss and when I drain its puss and blood. They hve been there 6 months so far.

Exam needed. These appear to be either pustules due to infected hair follicles or infected inclusion cysts. Since they have not resolved after all this time, I recommend that a physician examine you and determine whether a course of an antibiotic like dicloxacillin,an effective antistaphyllococcal antibiotic, is indicated. A culture of the infected material may be done first.
Folliculitis barbae. Did you have a question regarding your condition? Have you seen a doctor? If not, you can try HealthTap Prime so that a live doctor can see the problem, provide diagnosis, & recommend treatment. It is not uncommon to get "plugged hairs" in the beard which can become infected... called folliculitis barbae. Perhaps that's all it is. TTYD or use HealthTap Prime.