I am experiencing groin lump. Fairly large quite hard. Had it for a while now. Not sore and no other symptoms?

Be seen. You would definitely want to be seen and evaluated. It is not a "normal" complaint and needs to be evaluated to make sure it is not some type of pathological process such as a tumor or infection. Be seen even if it is not causing you pain, needs to be diagnosed. Even if it is an enlarged node, etiology need to be sought.
Groin lump. Lumps need to be evaluated by your doctor. Please see him/her. It could be several things, e.g., swollen lymph gland, hernia, or something more. Your doc will take care of you. Peace and good health.
LUmp. That sound like a lymph node. If that is swelling and not getting better, and it has been awhile it should be examined. Even getting more of a story would help. You could start with one of us.