Is there an increased risk of STI infection for celiac disease sufferers who have anal sex? Worried about intestinal damage gluten caused over years

No. The gluten injury is somewhat higher up in the small intestines. While anyone can have colitis (inflamed colon tissue) from other sources that might make anal sex painful, celiac would not be the cause. STD transfer is tissue specific and relates to the mechanics of sex.Anal sex has an abrasive component with irritation of tissues making it easier to pass germs.

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Is there an increased risk of HIV infection/other STIs for men & women with celiac disease; both those who are penetrated in anal sex, and those not?

Not really. There is a range of effects with celiac disease.Those who don't know can suffer poor health with impaired nutrition,irritable bowel syndrome,etc. Impaired healing & response to any illness might be expected.Once they get it under control by avoiding gluten & any cross reacting factors like food dyes,food allergies, their response to any illness is like anyone else. Read more...