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Are Lyme tests Elisa & western blot actually unreliable half the time like holistic/naturopath doctors or LLMD's say?

No. It's all science. Absolutely not. I will actually have to hit the books to see how sensitive these tests are (that is a measure of how likely they are to find the disease if present). I already know the newest test protocol is highly specific 100% which means it is not likely to be positive unless the disease is present and doesn't cross react with other illnesses). I will add a comment with details and source.
Not true. Naturopaths spend a great deal of time and effort promoting themselves by debunking conventional medicine. But who do you think they go to when they are sick? The tests you mention are mostly reliable but there is a small margin of error for any tests. To say these are unreliable at the 50% level is marketing and untrue.
Seriously? Holistic and naturopath doctors aren't real doctors. Doctors go they years of rigorous training based on scientific method. This means if something can't be reproduced with research it is rejected. There is no such standard for holistic/naturopaths. ". Why would you listen to them? Be careful and watch your wallet. They are usually trying to sell you something.

I had a blood test (Western Blot), to check for Lyme Disease. The results look strange (0.45). This doesn't look like the result of any WB test I have?

Probably not Lyme. Your Western Blot would need to be above 5 for a conclusive confirmation of Lyme disease. Unless you also had known tick bite, low-grade fever, "erythema migrants", you probably had a viral illness that should resolve on its own. Do discuss this with your primary medical provider or specialist if symptoms persist.