Usound of neck. Show enlarged bilateral cervical lymph nodes w/no fatty hilum. Had cold & ear infecx at that time. Head and neck CT and MRI in sept with no report of issue with lym nds. Lymphoma? Biopsy on these lym nds 3yrs ago & were okay.

Reassurance . Bilateral enlargement cervical lymph nodes with cold and ear infection are regular findings. This is confirmed by your CT and MRI and even biopsy 3 years ago. Just watchful observation with your primary doctor. Not lymphoma. .
Cervical LN. You can get cervical LN enlargement from upper respiratory illness. Would follow up 1 month after you are better and see if they resolved/are resolving. . if not consider thyroid ultrasound and possible LN biopsy. Note individuals with chronic allergies /colds may have chronically enlarged cervical LN.