Having severe stomach pain?

Need more info. We need more information but any abdominal pain that is severe warrants an evaluation by a qualified physician. Please see your doctor or go to the er.

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Have severe stomach pain but it goes away for 2 minuntes then comes back again?

Stomach pain. Nausea/ vomiting/ diarrhea/ appetite, blood in stool? The imtermittent nature could be cramping. Could be gastroenteritis (infection) gastritis/ ulcer with or without H pylori, or gallbladder, hernia, or constipation, as colon rides high, or diverticulitis depending on age. If lower abdomen could be UTI, if female may be vaginitis. F/u w/doc.

I have severe stomach pain after drinking?

Stop drinking. Probably having bouts of pancreatitis due to high sensitivity to alcohol. Your body trying to warn you. Listen to it..

I have severe stomach pain near my belly button. Will this go away or should I get it check out?

Yes. Please get it checked. I suspect you may have a hernia. Hernias usually need surgery.
Umbilical Pain. Abdominal pain and the associated possibilities of diagnoses are endless. It is important to talk to a doctor to obtain a detailed history, a thorough exam, and tests that can confirm or rule out what we suspect you may have. Without this, we can only take an educated guess based on what's common. You may have an umbilical hernia, early appendicitis, a partial bowel obstruction. See your doc asap.

I have severe stomach pain inside my belly button what can be the cause. Took pt and it came out negative?

Seek Attention. Severe abdominal pain located near the belly button can have serious causes, such as, appendicitis, pancreatitis, ulcers, among others. Important symptoms to look for would be for a fever, difficulty eating, nausea, vomiting, bloody diarrhea. I advise that you seek medical attention today to discuss this formally with your physician and have an appropriate medical exam.
Belly-button pain. Belly-button (umbilical) pain may originate locally due to infection or herniation, or be "referred" from another abdominal location like the appendix. Signs/symptoms of concern include: local redness & drainage, umbilical bulging that can't be reduced with gentle pressure, fever, vomiting, change in bowels, generalized abdominal tenderness (suggests peritonitis), worsening pain. Get checked.
Many possibilities. This could be a sign of many different problems including early colon obstruction, appendicitis, torsed appendix epiploica, urachal cyst, etc. Discuss with your physician for an evaluation.

Hi, I have severe stomach pain on and off really high, just under my ribs and its agony when it hits. I double over. .. Plus eating makes pain worse?

Dyspepsia. We may generally term this "dyspepsia". Some possibilities for you specifically may include reflux, gastritis, stomach ulcer, duodenitis, duodenal ulcer or an issue with your gallbladder or pancreas. If this gets worse with eating, I may think of stomach ulcer or gallbladder pathology.