My 26 year old son has had brain surgery at Johns Hopkins, a VNS implanted (on his second battery) at Penn State Hershey and is prescribed handfuls of?

Wrong site. This is the public HT site and is designed to provide general medical information.Questions are sent out at random and never linked.HT prime is a sister site where you sign up and have access to physicians who may agree to provide a formal paid consult on a specific case.Please check with the HT prime site.The issues you present are complex and need appropriate review.
Consultation. For personal attention to a medical concern, consider a consultation with a doctor here on HealthTap. The "inbox consult" allows you to message back and forth like email, and is good when a lot of information needs to be exchanged (like prior test reports, etc.) A video chat consult allows you to talk to the doctor (for a certain limited amount of time) so it's good for a quick question.