I have a blocked Eustachian tube. I've used afrin, Neti pot, and hot compresses but nothing is clearing it. It just feels like there is water in it.?

Recommendation. You can add medications like DayQuil or NyQuil, 3 times a day to help open the nose and Eustachian tube .
Eustachian tube. Try Valsalva manoeuvres such as puffing out your cheeks with mouth closed and swallowing or blowing into an occluded straw. Avoid chronic use of Afrin and avoid Neto pots which have shown to cause spread of infection. Seek an assessment by an ENT physician. An exam and imaging may help to sort out the cause. The last resort would be placement of a tube in the tympanic membrane. All the best.
ENT. See an ENT specialist. Often times there is an associated otitis externa, otitis media, blockage or inflammation complicating Eustachian tube dysfunction. ENTs usually give a prednisone taper and augmentin if any infection is present. .