Tingling in left hand and toes. Now a few days later tingling in both feet and not in hands. What could cause this?

Need more specifics. Do you have any systemic illness or diseases? When does this happen? Is it constant? What helps it go away? Are there any aggravating factors? Have you ever had this prior to the recent incident? Were you laying down or in a position where your left side was facing downwards?

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I had tingling in my left hand for about a week then my left foot became tingly and now the left side of my face what is it please?

Difficult Question. I would advise that you go see your doc for a complete history and physical. They may want to also do some blood work to check for the cause of your symptoms. Hope this helps! Read more...

Intermittent tingling began in left hand, now in right foot too. Normal strength, function, not numb. Doctors say stress. What can it be?

See a neurologist. Your symptom point to a distal neuropathy. This need sto be confirmed or ruled out after a neurological evaluation with or without additional testing. Read more...