My doctor has diagnosed my baby with laryngomalacia because my baby is always congested. I get so nervous and constantly check if he's breathing. Is this diagnosis accurate?

Hard to say. Laryngomalacia does not cause nasal congestion. It does cause strider on inspiration.
Yes. I would like more info about how your baby was diagnosed. Experience providers can diagnose by history and physical but it would be useful to have an ENT physician take a look if this has not already occurred. If your baby is feeding well, growing, and sleeping well at night there is little cause for concern. To reassure you, laryngomalacia is not associated with increased sids risk.
Yes. Laryngomalacia, a soft or floppy airway, creates "noisy breathing" that may mimic "congestion, " but the baby shouldn't have any mucous in nose or throat with laryngomalacia while he might with typical congestion. Babies with laryngomalacia may also make a "crowing" sound, especially when they take in deep breaths. Most babies outgrow laryngomalacia by a year without any problems.
Yes. Laryngomalacia is a common condition that most experienced pediatricians are comfortable diagnosing. It causes noisy breathing and resolves by 12-18 months of age. A definitive diagnosis can be made by an ENT specialist using a small scope to look down the child's windpipe. This requires anesthesia and is only recommended if your doctor isn't sure of the diagnosis, or if you need reassurance.