I have 2 intra abdominal Desmoid tumours, gardeners syndrome. My colon removed. A recent ct scan should white spots on my liver. What could this be?

Possibilities . Actually this isn't so rare. Gardner's isn't so uncommon, it just gets missed or called common familial polyposis. Desmoids are very common in Gardner's. And Desmoids don't spread to the liver like this. I am hoping these are von Meyerburg complexes or hemangiomas or something, but my concern is a tiny colon cancer did metastasize. Your physician will follow up with radiologist input.
Confusing! Severe! Your description's rather confusing. You list 2 very serious & very rare diagnoses together (Gardner's syndrome & Desmoid tumours) which are typically not found together. The "white spots" on the liver could be spread of desmoid tumour or transformation of colon polyps (Gardner's syndrome) into colon cancer which spread to the liver. Use HealthTap Prime or talk to your GP to figure out next steps.

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I have FAP and 2 intra abdominal wall Desmoid tumours, I had a ct scan which shows some white spots, what could they be?

Possible mets. Patients with familial adenomatous polyps due to APC mutation gradually develop hundreds colorectal polyps.These may bleed, leading to blood in the stool. Should malignancy develops, this may present with altered bowel habit, or even metastasis to the liver or elsewhere. When the polyposis is associated with osteomas, fibromas, desmoids the condition is termed Gardner's syndrome. Read more...