Currently experiencing yellowish-green vaginal discharge with a weird smell but no signs of redness on that area. Doesnt hurt when I pee too?

Need STD exam. Please go get an exam to see if your vaginal discharge is from a sexually transmitted infection Does you partner have discharge from his penis or pain with urination?
STI? The symptoms are suggestive of a sexually transmitted infection such as Gonorrhoea or Trichomonas. It could also be due to Bacterial Vaginosis. Please see your doctor who can take swabs and send to the lab then treat you accordingly. In the meantime please avoid having unprotected sex with any partner.

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Red rashes on vagina, and doesnt hurt unless touched. No vaginal discharge, or itch. Doesn't hurt when I pee. No smell?

Needs to be seen. Lumps, bumps, blisters and other skin abnormalities on the genitals need to be evaluated. An examination will be needed to know the cause and treatment. Folliculitis is one possibility. Yeast is a possibility and over the counter fungal cream will fix it. Trauma from recent intercourse if possible. Herpes is an std which can cause this. Other possibilities too. Schedule an exam. Read more...