Partially dislocated my hip in a fall. Saw my doctor and had x-rays. No broken or dislocated joint. What home remedies or exercises should I do?

Hip strengthening . This therapy can be guided by seeing if physical A physical therapist who can help you do a home program. I am uncertain how the diagnosis of a partial hip dislocation was made, because your other data does not suggest that. You need to discuss this with your physician.
Partially Dislocated. To my knowledge there is no such thing as a partially dislocated hip unless you have a congenital defect. A dislocated hip will not suddenly reduce itself, like other joints. If there is a feeling of instability then an MRI is needed. If not then a physiotherapist can return strength. As far as home remedies for pain, the best you can look at are natural remedies like turmeric (with proper dose)
Partial hip dislocat. Partial dislocation hip. What home remedies? I am not aware of any proven home remedies. This is not a problem for home remedies. If you end up With one leg shorten than other you will spend rest of life walking in circles. Follow your doctors recommendations. .