How common is lactic acidosis with metformin use? What should I look for in terms of symptoms? I take 1500mg metformin and 100mg Januvia

Lactic acidosis. There are numerous reasons why metformin is prescribed and there is too little information that you have given. You should really have a discussion with your doc or come back with much more detailed information.

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35 yr old male. On 1500mg metformin xr and 100mg januvia for type 2 diabetes. Kidneys fine. Worried about lactic acidosis. Is it rare in my case?

Lactic acidosis . 35 M with DM II. On metformin &kanuvia worried about lactic acidosis. ANS: This is rare and would not worry about it unless you get very sick. Work on diet to decrease need for meds. Get BMI to <25 and all DM may go away. Discuss with team. . Read more...