Ankle surgery 12/8 pain in calf, back and chest. Shortness of breath dizziness and toes are swollen as well dont feel right and dont know what to do?

Could be serious... When a person with recent surgery starts gets calf pain, swollen toes, shortness of breath, and dizziness, the general recommendation is to call 911 and go to the E.R. by ambulance. The E.R. doctor will evaluate her to see if she has a blood clot in her leg veins, because such a blood clot can travel to her lungs and block blood flow to her lungs, causing shortness of breath and sometimes death.

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Have constant pain in legs & feet Had swollen right leg & foot, went down when elavated Tingling left arm & hand Heavy chest Shortness of breath?

Call 911. "Tingling left arm & hand Heavy chest Shortness of breath" is always a red flag. If you have chest pain and shortness of breath, regardless of its cause (heart burn , anxiety), visit to the ER is warranted. Do not drive, Call 911. Read more...