My chest x-ray shows hyperinflated lungs. Can anxiety cause air trapping from poor breathing?

NO. Air trappin is generally due to air OBSTRUCTION in the smaller lung (bronchial) tubes. S guess a VERY DEEP Breath ...held while the xray is taken could give an appearance of hyperinflation but Radiologist know the difference!!! BTW anxiety generally is associated with rapid shallow breathing...Hope this helps! Dr Z.
A very deep. Breath can sometimes be mistaken for hyperinflation on a chest X-ray, so a chest xray is not the best way to diagnose Obstructive airway disease or air trapping unless other supportive findings are also present. Talk to your doctor, if there is a concern, pulmonary function tests may be useful.
No. Usually anxiety does not cause changes on the chest x-ray. For specific advice do HealthTap visit our consult your physician.