**BUN/creatinine level is 54.7**??? urea nitrogen is 29, creatinine is 0.53, eGFR is 128, potassium is 4.4. Cause for concern? I literally cannot find anything anywhere about a BUN/creatinine level that high.

BUN/GFR 54.7. I would not worry. It is a ratio-calculated value . Your BUN is 29 ( normal < 20) but that could be due to either mild dehydration or high protein in body( unless you are actively bleeding) . Your creatinine is 0.53 which is great.The ratio is BUN/Cr 29/0.53 = 54.7 . Your GFR another number we look seriously at is 128 great, potassium is 4.4 normal . Do not worry it is an artifact of the math.