Can musinex make Eustachian Tube Dysfunction worse? .

Eustachian tube issu. Unlikely - mucinex - contains guafenesin - the same ingredient in Robitussin. It is a mucolytic - thins mucus out - and thus would NOT likely cause any issues with the eustachian tube that drains the inner ear into the back of the throat - A decongestant might help your situation.
No. If you have fluid collection in the middle ear, it may possibly even be helpful.

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How serious is eustachian tube dysfunction? If untreated, could it get worse? Self-treating doesn't seem to help.

Eustachian tube. Hello, The lining in your nose continues into the eustachian tube. Any condition affecting your nose will in turn cause ear symptoms. I would recommend afrin nasal spray as directed for 5 days. Saline sinus rinse such as NeilMed works well. An otc decongestant can be used as directed thereafter for 7-10 days. If the symptoms persist, then see your ent. He/she may recommend steroids, tube placement. Read more...