Which calcium supplement is safe to take during pregnancy? I am lactose intolerant.

Various. Tums are safe and are a good source of calcium. I wouldn't personally recommend anything made from sea sources such as oyster shells. Best wishes!

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What is the best type of supplement to take for women's bone and joint health? I'm lactose intolerant so I don't get the calcium from milk

Vit D,A,K,magensium. Milk is overrated as a calcium source-green vegies are the best source (what do the cows eat?).More important than calcium is vit d- everyone needs 5-8000 iu/day in fall & winter, year round if you use sunscreen or don't get mid-day sun.Vit k & vit a work with d. Magnesium & boron also support bone & joint health.See http://www.Lef.Org/vitamins-supplements/top10/bone-health-calcium-supplements.Htm. Read more...