I was told that I have chlamydia I am scared because it's 3 months now. Can I still have babies. Had sex on august 12 and I found out this morning.?

Hard to say. The germ sometimes goes up into your tubes and sets them up for scarring or blockage.If you got lucky & this didn't happen, you should be fine.Your OBGYN can do soe testing.If blocked, you could still have kids with the aid of a fertility center.They could harvest your eggs/fertilize and implant them in your womb.Do some homework.
STDs. Sexually transmitted infections can cause pelvic inflammatory disease with scarring. This can cause problems, but most people will still be able to have normal pregnancies. Talk to your provider. You and your partner(s) should be treated. Then always use a condom and protect against reinfection which increases your risk of damage. Good luck.