Por favor compartir algunas tareas y no para pacientes con disfunción vesical la vejiga u otras condiciones.

Interstitial. Interstitial cystitis? Find someone who will prescribe high dose vaginal estrogen for a cure.
Urinate. Urinate before intercourse and drink a large glass of water so can urinate after intercourse as well.
Go. Go to restroom every 2 hrs, even if you think you do not have to go. This avoids accidents.
Avoid. Avoid caffeine which irritates the bladder. Chocolate has caffeine, not just coffee and tea.
Drink. Drink lots of water. Empty bladder after sex. Drink crainberry juice.
Avoid. Avoid acidic foods. Avoid stressful situations. Find a doctor good with ic to help you.
Keep. Keep a food diary, and notice which foods seem to make your symptoms worse or better.
Avoid. Avoid caffeine, alcohol, artificial sweeteners, and hot pepper as these can worsen symptoms.
Avoid. Avoid drinking more than 2 l of fluids as this can worsen symptoms.