Born with cubitus valgus. I have an angle over 20 degrees in both arms. What is the standard procedure to correct this? I am 19 yrs old. No injuries b4

Humeral Osteotomy. Typically a humeral osteotomy but why do you want it corrected? Is it painful? or does it cause ulnar nerve symptoms? If you have an indication (and even if you just don't like it cosmetically) you will need a full work up that will include advanced imaging and possibly nerve conduction/velocity studies. If it's the ulnar nerve causing symptoms, a simple ulnar nerve transposition can help.
Depends on symptoms. Cubitus valgus is generally NORMAL. If you have no pain or nerve problems from it (usually ulnar nerve) then don't do anything! Surgery is an osteotomy- a surgical break in the bone which is then secured with a plate & screws. It is a generally successful procedure but like all operations has risks. It will also leave you with scars and I would not recommend it for cosmetic reasons alone.