Can a permanent crowned tooth be used to attach a fixed implant permanent bridge with one pontic attached in between?

Not Recommended. Your natural teeth are slightly mobile (due to periodontal ligament cushion) but an implant is not mobile in the bone. Connecting a fixed bridge to both mobile and non-mobile abutments can cause issues. Best bet is to try to place an implant where the pontic will be. The fixed bridge is rigid and movement of the natural tooth can cause undue stress on the implant resulting in premature failure.
No. As natural tooth is microscopically mobile and implant is not, a bridge connecting both is doomed to failure. You may be better off with another implant/crown in the missing tooth location.
Can? Physically it can be done but it is doomed to failure over time and NOT recommended. Personally I know of no respected dentist who would fabricate such a prosthesis.