I have MVP with a ballerina foot pattern and trivial aortic regurgitation. How likely is this to get worse? Is the ballerina foot cardiomyopathy?

There is no good. way to predict the progression of your MVP. The fact that you also may have aortic valve involvement would suggest on clinical grounds that you might be at more risk for progression than others but again there is no way to predict this with certainty. This is not a cardiomyopathy.

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Got MVP trivial regurgitation and ballerina foot pattern. Could this of been misdiagnosed i? Could the regur be there not the prolapse? How severe?

It would be. necessary to review the ECHO itself to answer this question. You should be able to ask your health care provider to go over the results with you since he/she will have the report in your file. Read more...

I've been told I have MVP and there are a few pixels of aortic regurgitation is this a normal finding or will it get worse?

As previously. answered. These findings do not have predictive value. Repeat evaluations over the next several years will provide you with some indication of progression or stability of the valvular involvement but a single data point at this time will not be predictive. Read more...