Father, 69, requires Cataract surgery in both eyes. He's on Dabigatran, Clopidogrel for Heart attack, Atrial Fibrillation, Vascular Stroke for 3 years. Had minor strokes in 2008 and 2009. Need advice on cataract surgery while on dabigatran, any risks?

Dabigatran /cataract. Yes. dabigatran can cause more bleeding during surgery, which could affect the surgery .Many times they have patients in the hospital on heparin 1 day before the surgery and then stop the heparin 3-4 hours before surgery and restart meds after surgery This is an issue that has to be discussed with the cardiologist and surgeon especially since your father has had strokes f/u w/ cardiology.
Talk to the Dr. The ophthalmologist performing the procedure will give you instructions during your pre-op visit. He or she should tell you when to stop taking these medicines. They are normally discontinued several days before the planned procedure, but I would suggest that you discuss it with the surgeron. Also, talk to your Dad's cardiologist. They will be able to tell you the cardiac risks/beneftis.