3 weeks ago I got a terrible headache on the left side of my head. I few days later the left side of my face went numb with a burning sensation.?

Schedule w/ PCP ASAP. You really should be evaluated as soon as possible for clotting disorder or aneurysm. Especially if you are overweight/ obese (BMI > 30), take birth control, smoke, and have a sedentary life style and any sudden changes in your vision.The headache with facial numbness could be an ominous sign and not disregarded.

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Hi, I keep getting a terrible burning sensation in the left hand side of my head. With a terrible headache. The heat is even hot to touch.

Facial pain. Atypical facial pain or perhaps early onset of shingles involving the trigeminal nerve. The diagnosis and treatment for facial pain and the associated headaches is complex and requires a neurologist or neurosurgeon who specializes in facial pain. Discuss with your primary care physician. The Trigeminal Neuralgia Association (TNA) is a helpful resource too. Read more...