I have had itchy skin with no rash for weeks now. Comes in waves. Generally, scalp, neck, arms and legs. Rarely torso and never feet/ hands.?

? dry skin. as it is affecting the more exposed areas, however, if symptoms are really bothersome you may want to see a dermatologist, meanwhile, try some skin care techniques: as bathing with cream soap, moisturize your skin right after, hydrate you body well, and avoid prolonged sun exposure, occasional antihistamine might help too, good luck .

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For many years off and on I've experienced rash on my arms and legs, itchy and swollen feet and hands as well.?

Reacting Reaction.. The on and off nature of the condition, as well as the peripheral location makes it appear that your symptoms could be due to an allergic reaction. When it's in the "on" mode, a trip to an allergist may be the quickest route to finding resolution. Read more...