I haven't had a period since September 24, I have irregular periods sometimes I know it's easy to take a test but I've never shown A positive on my pregnancy test and always end up miss carrying the difference between this long period of time between per

False negatives. False negative pregnancy tests are not as common as irregular periods. If your home pregnancy test is negative, then you need evaluation for late or irregular menses. The treatment will be based on your fertility goals.
Suspect PCOS. Low carb paleo diet (plenty of vegetables, flesh foods, eggs, olive oil, saturated fat) is the key. Inflammation causing foods such as sugar, grains, lentils, milk products (except for butter) should be eliminated. At least 30 min of sunshine at noon time is very important to help reduce inflammation. Alternatively, take vit D3 5000 IU/day. Additionally, daily probiotics also help.