How accurate are blood tests in diagnosing arthritis?

It all depends. Lab tests are used to confirm what the history and physical exam suggest. Many forms of arthritis cannot be diagnosed with blood tests. Blood tests are most helpful when they are relatively specific for one type of arthritis, for example the ccp antibody in ra.
See below. Arthritis of any type is a clinical diagnosis, the lab results are primarily used to help the clinician decide what type of arthritis they are looking at, as well as offering ways to measure treatment. Talk to your rheumatologist about any questions. Good luck.

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Constant Painful joints, all Rheumy blood tests normal. No visible redness or inflammation. Started years proceeding childbirth. Audible crack, poppin?

Exercise. You may be simply deconditioned form inactivity. The good news is your rheumatolgy workup is negative. If not active, begina program of burst interval high and low impact aerobics. Consult a physicial therpay and/or a personal trainer. Use Advil (ibuprofen) ( low dose) until joint pain resolves. BioFreeze is another excellent product for joint pain. Read more...