Testing for AL amyloid. SPEP shows no M-spike but mildly elevated total protein & A/G ratio (2.7) due to high albumin. Globulins well within normal range. Worrisome? Serum/urine IFE &marrow biopsy ok, but elevated free K/L ratio due to low lambda.

OK. this is a thorough work up, the K/L ratio would not concern me in this instance unless either of the components were high, In that case I would check a bone marrow, which you have already confirmed as normal.
Stop worrying. High albumin simply means either that you were a bit dehydrated / thirsty or that you're one of the few % who naturally fall outside the reference ranges -- ranges are set so that a few % of healthies fall outside. A/G ratio isn't a concern, neither is K/L in this context, glad your globulins are fine. Look for some other illness to explain your findings if you feel sick. Best wishes.