Why do hiccups occur?

Benign variation. Hiccups have been explained as a spontaneous nerve discharge triggering the breathing muscle to tighten in a cycle like a heart beat. Some have suggested the stomach of the newborn rubs the diaphram and triggers the pattern, and that with age the stomach moves away lessening the problem. The most active cases have them before birth. I know of no treatment with any value.
It's Normal. Most babies get hiccups frequently in the first 2-3 months, especially after eating. They usually bother the parents much more than the child, and no treatment is required. However, if you feel your baby is uncomfortable, and you can get him to latch on to the breast or bottle, a few more swallows of milk usually helps them resolve.

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My 2week old baby almost always hiccups after every feed. Is this normal? Why do the hiccups occur?

hiccups. Hiccups occur when the phrenic nerve which innervates the diaphragm fires irregularly. This can be due to many reasons. In an infant i don't think it would be a reason for concern but please speak with your pediatrician. Read more...
common. This process usually starts before birth and will subside on its own as baby grows longer.Some speculate that the closeness of the baby stomach to the breatiing muscle ; frequent feeds set off the process. As baby enlongates, the stomach drops down ; quits rubbing the diaphram ; the process quits triggering. It bothers adults more than the baby, so let them be. Read more...