I have chronic hepatitis b and have been told this has caused cirrosis of my liver. Will I need a liver transplant in the future.?

Maybe. It depends upon your age, overall health and the degree of liver damage. The reason for your hepatitis b is also important. If it was from drug usage, the transplant unit will want to make sure that you are "clean" before considering transplantation. With medical management, many people with hepatitis b and early cirrhosis (child class a) do pretty well and may not need a transplant.
Maybe. Many but not all patients with cirrhosis will go on to require liver transplantation. The first line treatment, however, is medical therapy. By following the treatment plan laid out by your gastroenterologist or hepatologist, you may be able to live with your liver disease and avoid the need for liver transplantation.

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A new aide for mom had a liver transplant years ago and has chronic hepatitis b. Is my mom in danger of getting hep b?

No. As long as they wear proper personal care equipment with healthcare, such as gloves etc, there shouldn't be much risk. The main risk is with exposure to bodily fluids (blood, etc) and sex (clearly not an issue here).

Can chronic hepatitis b infection cause cirrhosis?

Yes. Yes. All patients with chronic hepatitis b should be monitored by their physician and consider referral to a liver doctor.
Yes. There are different types of chronic hepatitis b. Passive chronic hepatitis b typically results in no liver inflammation, while chronic active hepatitis b will often cause cirrhosis.
Yes. Hepatitis b can lead to cirrhosis and liver cancer. The more inflammation present and the higher the viral load the more likely, one will develop cirrhosis.

Do onglyza (saxagliptin) & metformin taken together 4 a long time likely cause liver issues 4 someone with chronic hepatitis b carrier?

Unlikely. These are generally safe medication and unlikely to cause any liver problem. If you are taking these meds, you should get periodic lab tests to check your liver and kidney function.