Can an EEG test evaluate my 10 month son for epilepsy, after an episode: loss of his consciousness, bend back of his body, stiffness. Is EEG enough?

Hard to say. All tests have limitations and diagnosis rests on the full evaluation of history,exam and these tests.A kid can have a normal EEG but have a seizure disorder,they can have an "abnormal"EEG & not have a seizure disorder.The EEG features are actually different in small kids from adults, so having it read by someone well versed in kid studies is important.This might have been a breath holding spell.
Doctor can evaluate. An EEG is to look for abnormal brainwaves that might cause seizures. In a normal child, one spell does not equal epilepsy. It all depends on the big picture. Sometimes an EEG is done; sometimes not done. Babies and toddlers (age range 6 months to 5 years) can have a seizure, usually at the start of a febrile illness. No special tests are needed for a single simple febrile seizure.