I had 3 ct scans. Abdomen/pelvis last year, head and chest this year. Now I find out they give you cancer! Should I be concerned?

No. The radiation from a CT scan is the same or less than you get from natural causes while flying in an airplane. The conditions that the CT scan is monitoring are far more dangerous.

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I've had 6 CT scans in a year. Is this really dangerous for me? Should I be worried about getting cancer now? The CTa were: 1 head, 2 abdomen, 3 chest

Almost no risk of Ca. Please see: http://www.scientificamerican.com/article/how-much-ct-scans-increase-risk-cancer/ also: 1) Risk of induced Ca from 6 CTs is very, very low. 2) There may be cellular repair at doses as low as CT, limiting cancer induction. (We don't know how much). 3) Whatever the theoretical risk, there must be a good reason to do the CT in the first place. I would worry more about why so many CTs. Read more...