I have a cough, for 2 months, someyimes a wheeze from my throat, but the cough is always that itch in the back of my thoat.?

Could be... Cough can have many etiologies including bronchospasm, post-nasal drip and your symptoms sound like a combination of these 2 entities. Other etiologies include bronchitis and gerd. If even one reason for your cough is not treated, you will keep coughing. You need to see your doctor so all the reasons you are coughing can be treated and your cough can disappear. Good luck!
Cough & throat itch. Frequent throat clearing, mucous sensation in the throat that is worst in the morning, a sensation that something is stuck in the throat and a throat itch worst after large meals, acidic foods like caffeine, citrus, tomato or onions is typical of acid reflux, to distinguish from other causes visit your local ear nose and throat specialist to examine the throat.