What is wrong with me? I have pain that starts in my upper femur to the knee joint

Referred pain. how long have you had symptoms? If it's been more than 6 weeks further evaluation is necessary. Pain or conditions from the hip often will hurt this way stress fractures or labrum pathology can hurt this way.

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I had MRSA in knee joint which then weakened and fractured my femur MRSA in hip joint, both replaced now curious of any possible long term effects?

Infection. Did they find the source as to why you're getting the septic arthritis? You are at significantly higher risk of MRSA septic arthritis, especially with a prosthesis? Did they eradicate the infection before the total hips and knee? How did they confirm they were eradicated? Read more...

What is best treatment for 3mm osteochrondal defect in medial femoral condyle? Kissing contusion of the knee joint?

Let me advise you. Many patients appear to do well from an arthroscopic washout and debridement where any loose bodies of cartilage are removed and the defect is tidied back to healthy cartilage. However, when this treatment fails to relieve symptoms it is unclear what the best treatment is. Read more...