Canker sores, tongue bumps that are red, white pockets at back of throat, swollen gums that bleed easily. Can't eat, been three days. Bad breath too.

Need evaluation. See your Dentist to rule out oral diseases. Then next step is to see your Physician. You may have one of a number of infections or a systemic disease. Please call for appointment.
See your Dentist . You need to see your dentist to find out which of several conditions you might have.
Couple of possibles. If the gum tissue between the teeth is flattening out or eroding instead of pointed, then this sounds like ANUG. Usually presents with aches and sluggishness and often a fever. Commonly with very stressful times and poor nutrition and sleep. Might also be primary herpetic gingivostomatitis. See your Dentist ASAP for Dx and TX. Or, go to Minute Clinic, etc. Meantime- high fluids, ibuprofen, sleep.