I was yelling for 4 days straight for cheer & my throat started hurting & getting raspy it's been 10 days & I'm coughing now what's wrong?

May have nodules. Prolonged voice overuse can cause nodules on the vocal cords which cause hoarseness and are commonly seen in those who cheer a lot. Sudden worsening after vigorous yelling can either be acute swelling of the nodules or hemorrhage into the cords. Suggest hydration, throatcoat tea, and voice rest. No whispering, singing, loud speak but talk as normal as possible. See ENT if no better in 2-3 week.
Irritation. Your vocal chords at are like any other part of your body, if you over use it, it can get inflamed. In general rest will make it better, however after 10 days you have to also consider an infection and should probably be seen by your doctor.