Burning sensation and tightening in throat ad upper chest. Feels like something is stuck. What is this?

Careful! Not to be funny, however we always worry about these symptoms in men, but, the biggest killer of women is heart disease. It could be simple indegestion however it your symptoms worsen or do not subside i would seek immediate medical evaluation.

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I have burning sensation in throat and upper chest, what to do?

See your physician. You may have reflux disease. You should get checked. Until then try an OTC PPI or antacid for relief. But make sure youmget checked. Read more...

My shoulders bothering me. When I lift my arm a little burning pain in the 'corner' of my joint. Neck and upper chest feel tight. Surfing a lot.

Rotator Cuff. Sounds like you are suffering from a tendonitis/strain in one of your Rotator cuff tendons!! Upper chest muscle strain may also be playing a role in your symptoms. SURFING will do it!!! Rest and take anti-inflammatory medications for a while. See a Physical Medicine DOC Physiatrist who can analyze what you are doing while surfing to strain your shoulder/upper chest Hope this helps Dr Z. Read more...