Can a Urine sample test detect HSV2 for a 42 year old male? Or is it ONLY by blood test to check IGG and IGM

DNA, culture, or IgG. There is no urine test for HSV. Best to test lesions (blisters, sores) for the virus (DNA or culture). If no active lesions, IgG blood tests are helpful. Do NOT have an IgM test. The HSV IgM tests are highly unreliable, with frequent false positive results; and contrary to common belief (by many doctors too) they do not help distinguish new from older infection. Have IgG testing only.

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I have hsv2 and my blood test results came back 3.69 IgM and 3.0 igg. What do the results mean?

New and old exposure. From your blood work, it looks like you've been recently exposed to the hsv 2. If you don't have any lesions, they might appear and sometimes they might not. The blood test merely shows your immune system's response to the virus. Read more...